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Sanway Tire Mobile cone crusher realises efficient and timely work by integrating the crushing system, screening system and conveying system on a vehicle. Mobile cone crusher is applicable to elementary, secondary and third-class crushing and screening system. It features high flexibility and can satisfy customers' requirements fully. It is widely used in mining, construction, earthwork, urban infrastructure, etc.

Principle Features

1.Integration of crushing, screening and conveying on a mobile vehicle.
2.Flexible working condition. It can work at rough area easily.
3.Different configurations can meet diverse requests.
4.Automatic power-generation system realizes its mobile working.
5.High efficient, scientific design, stable performance.


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Why Choose Us

1.Designed to Keep Working in  Tough Conditions.
2.Biggest Capacity in Class.
3.Entire Crushing Chamber Is Used.
4.Direct Drive Crushing Cone Is 15% to 30% More Effective than Hydraulic Option.
5.Single Truck Transportation and Easy Assembly/Breakdown.


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