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Sanway SHC Hydraulic cone crusher owns the characters of high quality and high efficiency. Compared with Symons(Spring) cone crusher, the difference lies in the lock and protective device.Hydraulic cylinder is a kind of more advanced locking device, so hydraulic cone crusher with same specification is more expensive than Symons(Spring ) cone crusher.Actually, our SC compound cone crusher has integrated some functions of hydraulic cone crusher. Therefore, if you ask how to make a choice between these two types of machine, our engineer will tell you it depends on your preference because any series is fine. But we have to stress that because of the cost of hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cone crusher is more expensive than Symons (Spring ) cone crusher.

Principle Features

1.Innovative and specific structure, stable operation and low cost.
2.The body is structured by cast steel. And the high stress point of overloaded part is protected with steel stiffener.
3.There are cone roller bearings at the ends of the drive shaft. Powder drive part is provided by bevel gear. Skeleton seal ring at the bearing housing help to prevent the lubricant from leaking.
4.Hydraulic adjustable structure makes it easy to adjust the discharging opening size quickly.
5.Several hydraulic cylinders are on the machine frame to make it stable and convenient to clean the chamber.
6.It provides hydraulic nitrogen cylinder release protection.
7.The lubricant system includes oil pump, oil tank and pipeline. When the oil temperature is too high or the oil running speed is too slow, the crusher will shut down automatically.
8.There are copper sleeves in the inner and outer sides, steel spherical seat and spherical copper. Dust-proof circle is bounced up by spring in the steel spherical seat, and helps to adjust machine in the process.


Why Choose Us

1.stable performance, reliable quality and high efficiency.
2.Hydraulic cylinder lock and protective device.
3.First-class quality, competitive price and high performance-price ratio.
4.365 days,7×24 hours  customer-centered service.


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